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Daily Agenda and Learning Targets

Access our daily slide presentation, which will provide information on what we did in class each day and why we did it. 

The presentation will also include any class notes or activities that helped to develop that day's lesson.

The slides are organized chronologically, with the most recent slide appearing first.

Questions? Send me an email message by clicking here!

Course Overview

Links to Classroom Tools

Google Classroom


Most written assignments will be submitted on Google Classroom when they are due.Please remember to turn in assignments here and don't share them on Drive. When preparing written assignments, it is preferable to create a new Google Doc within the Classroom assignment or tocomplete them in Google Docs and then "add" them to Classroom.

National Speech and Debate

Class Code:  98cvkmxk

NSDA (National Speech and Debate Association) is an honor society that recognizes achievement in the area of competitive speech and debateStudents must earn 25 points to become a member (be sure to register here) and points are earned with each round of competition. As students become more proficient, higher degreees of membership are earned. NSDA also regulates the current topics for debate competition.


Room Code:  Bonderer

Socrative is the website we will use to take most of our tests and quizzes (except for grammar and usage, those we will take on No Red Ink). If you need to make up a test or a quiz, just let me know you're ready so that we can set up a time for you to come by my room to get caught up. 

Student Portal

Username:  (student id)

Check your grades regularly! It's easy for either of us to make mistakes and we will need to correct them as soon as we can. Your login is your student ID (see your schedule) and your password is your birthday (using 8 numbers). Change it to your login password right away so you don't forget it!