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Fulton 58

McIntire Elementary


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Tier 2 Supports

When schools have a solid foundation of Tier 1 SW-PBS systems, data, and practices for all students, planning may begin for Tier 2 systems, data, and practices. Tier 2 provides targeted small group interventions for up to 15% of students who are at-risk for negative social, emotional, and/or behavioral health outcomes.

The purpose and key features of Tier 2 include the use of data to identify students who are at risk for difficulties. Interventions should prevent the development of problems and also decrease the frequency or intensity of problem behaviors, thereby minimizing their impact. Standardized interventions that support student needs are continuously available, and data is used to monitor progress and make decisions.


Tier 3 Supports

Approximately 1-5% of students will continue to experience difficulty after participation in ongoing Tier 1 support and inclusion in a Tier 2 intervention. In many cases these students have school histories of significant academic and behavioral difficulties over an extended period of time. Because their needs may be more intense and chronic, Tier 3 support systems are individualized. Just as with the Tier 2 level, schools must build on the established schoolwide system to accurately identify these students, and data-based decision making is essential.

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