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1. How much homework will I have?

This depends how wisely you use your time at school.  Some students go home with only 30 minutes of reading.  Others will go home with homework in every subject.  So my advice for you is to use your time in class and talk to your friends when you get home! :)

2. When is my A. Math due?

A.Math Practices are due on Wednesdays and Fridays before specials.  Tests are given to you on Mondays and due by Friday. A.Math tests never go home, silly, it's a test!

3. Oh no! I forgot my A.Math at home and it's due in the morning! What do I do?

You're in luck! Go to Ren. Home Connect to reprint your practices.  You can also scan your practices online.

4. Do I have to miss recess if my homework is not finished?

Do I get a paycheck for not doing my job?  School is your job as a 5th grader.  On the bright side, if you use your time in class wisely, you shouldn't have that much homework.

5. Do I have homework on Fridays?

You only have homework on days that end in "y".  :)