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Welcome to 5th Grade


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Welcome to my website where you'll find information to help you succed in 5th grade.  This website provides an excellent opportunity to visit the same websites we use in class daily.  I will do my best to keep my site updated so that each visit is a good one.  If you're looking for weekly updates on our classroom, please see the newsletter I send to families each week.  If you are not getting this newsletter and would like to, email me.  :)


Links We Use Daily

Renaissance Home Connect

Use this site for printing A. Math, checking progress, looking at AR books.

Everyday Math Online

Use this site for printing homework, using the SRB, and playing games.

Study Island

Use this website for exta practice in all areas.

Moby Max

Use this website for extra practice in all areas, and earn game time!


Use this website to reread texts, watch videos, listen to texts


Links for Content Area

StudiesWeekly.com Timeforkids.com
Tweentribune.com       NewsELA.com     
Links for Spelling and Word Work
Spellingcity.com BuzzWords